Counting the Seconds III, IV and V

A 3-month-late update for my 3s/366d project! Holy smokes!

Clint and I have been exceedingly fortunate to budget enough time and money for travel each month this year. A week in late March was spent in Sweden and Denmark, in April we took a long weekend in the pastoral Belgian Ardennes (with a brief dip into Luxembourg), and in May we visited Lyon, France, for my birthday.

Another theme that is prominent across all of my 3s/366d videos is food. Food shows up in Jamie’s videos quite a bit, too. We had a brief but wonderful discussion last month in which we decided “Screw the social media taboo! Food is awesome!” And not only is food awesome, it’s a great view into foreign (and not-so-foreign) cultures. Everyone eats, and what better way to show someone you care for them than by sharing a meal with them? Jamie complimented me on my balance of home cooking and café scenes, and I told her to keep up her food shots because who doesn’t like Japanese food? Even her cellophane-wrapped conbini onigiri—simple Japanese fast food—shots are enough to pique imaginations or inspire pangs of nostalgia.

So, on with the random and relevant food shots! Social media mores have nothing on us.

March’s song of the month is “Sho-jo-ji” by the always fun Japanese girl band The

April’s tune is “Neon Sign Stomp” by Japanese retro rockers EGO-WRAPPIN’.

In a nod to our travels, I chose “Sympathique” by Pink Martini, a sweet French ditty, for May. I really wanted to use Peter Sarstedt’s “Where Do You Go To (My Lovely),” but the song’s tempo wasn’t a good fit for the video. I really want you to hear to it anyway because it’s an instrumentally simple song with clear but knowing voice, and I could listen to it on repeat for a long, long time. So find that video below May 2016’s.




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