Counting the Seconds

I borrowed an idea from my very creative friend Jamie: her 3s/365d project. It’s her own riff on the One Second A Day video project, which a couple years ago inspired a few smartphone apps. Jamie digs the concept, but felt that only one second each day was a limit that didn’t jibe with her life (or anyone’s, really); lacking any specific focus (for example, my friend Kathryn and her husband John will be using the One Second Everyday app to share images of their baby when he/she is born in April—really looking forward to that), one second probably can’t show a fair balance of a person’s daily life. In her own words: “I just upped it to 3 because I didn’t want to stress TOO much about the content balance (too much of my face/food/pets…).”

“But the main push to do it,” she told me, “came from the fact that I’ve been maintaining a daily photo diary since 2011, and I realized the videos I would shoot here and there were going to waste.” The only videos I had before starting this project were ones I accidentally took when I thought I was taking a photo. (Total rookie move.) Friends in the U.S. and Japan had been asking to see more of how we live in the Netherlands, and I liked Jamie’s videos of her life in Tokyo so much that, with her permission, I adopted her idea so I could share my everyday, too.

Jamie started her 3s/365d project in October 2015. Beginning January 1, I started my own 3s/366d (leap year!) video. I’ve enjoyed the challenge, and my perspective of my own life has changed in the few weeks I’ve been practicing. Just the mental switch from seeking out still images to seeing life as it really is, in action and not stopping to strike a pose for me, is a reward in itself. Many thanks to Clint and my friends for obliging me!

Each month I will upload my 3s/366d video here. I upload them to Facebook for sharing purposes, but here they can live in perpetuity.

Behold, our January 2016:

The mechanics: I use my iPhone 6+ to shoot and edit the video clips. The native iMovie app is sufficient to sew the clips together, add music, and export/email; Jamie uses iMovie, too.

The music: “Every Night” by Walker Lukens.

I hope you enjoy watching the movie as much as I enjoy putting it together!

Non-sequitur: I was conflicted about my use of “jibe” above, and this Grammarian article solved my quandary. If it was useful for me, chances are it could be useful for you, too.


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